About US

We are changing how entrepreneurs in Africa raise capital.

“Drofund is giving African entrepreneurs a much-needed alternative source of capital to fund their startups and small businesses.”

“Drofund is committed to ensuring that African entrepreneurs can access global capital to start or grow businesses.”

So what is Drofund?

Drofund is a digital currency based borderless crowdfunding platform for African startups and small businesses.

And why digital currencies?

Yes. We believe that digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash hold the key to unlocking global capital for African entrepreneurs. A Kenyan startup can now raise capital from South Africa, China, Japan, UAE, Australia, basically anywhere in the world.

Our Vission

The Borderless Crowdfunding Platform.

Our vision is to become the go-to crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs on the African continent.

Our Mission

Turning African Dreams into Reality.

Our mission is to propel African dreams and help African entrepreneurs access global capital to fund their businesses.

Meet Our Team

The passionate team of entrepreneurs

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