Drofund - The Borderless Crowdfunding Platform.

Drofund is a borderless crowdfunding platform for African startups and small businesses that was launched in 2018. The platform seeks to leverage the power of crowdfunding and the power of digital currencies to make it easier for African entrepreneurs to raise capital.


It is known for a fact that the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs in Africa is lack of capital. Unlike Silicon Valley or other startup hubs in the world, Africa lacks an established ecosystem of angel investors and venture capitalists. This therefore makes it downright agonizing for entrepreneurs to raise funds to start or even grow their business ventures.


Drofund’s solution is a digital currency based crowdfunding platform that helps African entrepreneurs access global capital. Thanks to the universal nature of peer-to-peer digital currencies such as Bitcoin, African entrepreneurs can now raise capital from all across the globe.


With numerous crowdfunding platforms already available, what sets Drofund apart is the fact that the platform uses digital currencies. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are universal currencies that transcend borders and jurisdictions and this therefore gives African entrepreneurs an opportunity, for the first time ever, to raise capital from anywhere in the world.

A startup in Rwanda for example can now raise funds from Ukraine, USA, Japan, China, and the list goes on.


We launched version 1 of the platform in April 2018 and in June 2018, we updated the platform to version 2. We are also currently engaging several exchanges in the region who we hope to partner with to make the withdrawal process for entrepreneurs as seamless as possible.

Future Plans

Drofund’s ultimate mission is to propel African dreams and we look forward to helping 500 African startups and small business to raise capital in the next 12 months.

Revenue Model

We charge a 5% fee on all funds raised on the platform.

Funding Allocation

With the $40,000, we plan on spending 40% on personnel - the bulk of which will go to the engineering team, 25% on the platform’s infrastructure and maintenance, 25% on creating awareness and marketing  the platform, and the remaining 10% being reserved as contingency.

Direct Contact

Email Address : hello@drofund.co

Website : https://www.drofund.co/

Name Amount Date
Anonymous $100 April 23rd 2018
Paul Quin $150 August 2nd 2018
Stacey $50 August 2nd 2018
Anonymous $130 August 2nd 2018
Linda Ray $35 August 6th 2018
Kyra Yang $25 August 6th 2018
Todd Chidozi $10 August 6th 2018
Jayleen Lee $80 August 6th 2018
Macey $135 August 6th 2018
Christian Amobi $170 August 6th 2018
Ronan Ayala $85 August 6th 2018
Terry $60 August 6th 2018
Anonymous $120 August 6th 2018
Anonymous $300 August 6th 2018
Anonymous $200 August 6th 2018
  • US $1650 Raised
  • US $40,000Goal
  • 15Supporters
Drofund Team
Drofund Team
  • Nairobi, Kenya

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